A breakdown of Highpool.
Action listings up to 3, strings at end.



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Some data we don't know about :) The shaded (0x0630) Byte tells what tileset to use for the map












Bleh, mistype. 0A is the terminator, 00 is to set caps.


I think this might make things easier (for me anyway) to visualize.


String num
Strings (special chars sanitized) SubSTR0
|| 00h || 004eh || The limestone cliff looms overhead. || The canyon walls produce strange echoes as the water bubbles down the creek. || A redtailed hawk passes high over you. || k ||
|| 01h || 00b4h || Bushes cling to the box canyon walls. || The cliff face is dotted with seashells and wormtracks. || You can t pass the cliff face. || The cave wall is slick with moisture. ||
|| 02h || 0123h || The cave walls are damp. || The creek rushes in under the high cliffs. || You are in the desert north of the settlement of Highpool. || You are kneedeep in Highpool Creek. The water is cool but the rocks are slippery. ||
|| 03h || 01b0h || Leaving Highpool. || You slip and fall into the water with a splash. Your face burns with embarrassment. You hear children s laughter. || You easily cross on large stepping stones. || Jeering from hiding, mutant kids hold slingshots in their hands. || e ||
|| 04h || 0251h || Oddly, you see no bodies, no blood. Neither do you see any children anywhere. || You hear a giggle behind a shrub. Then softly, "Nyah, nyah, ya missed me, nyah!" || This is a playground with swings and slides. Bushes are all around. || Bushes rustle and a childish voice asks, "Whatsa matter? Can t shoot straight, Ranger?" k ||
|| 05h || 0325h || A child s shadow flits under the swingset. "Ha-ha, ya missed me!" the kid chortles. || The mutated munchkins howl with laughter. || Again you find neither blood nor bodies. || A kid yells, "My gramma shoots better than you!" ||
|| 06h || 03b7h || You exit the cave. || Entering the infirmary. || A chubby kid in a hat stands up pouting, "You guys ought to pick on somebody your own size!" || A child lies dead at your feet near his Red Ryder hat. A puppy crawls up whining and lays its head on the boy s chest. k ||
|| 07h || 0463h || A hot wind blows, summoning clouds of dust. You shiver as if with cold. || The dust settles, revealing a transformed valley which you hardly recognize. || Appearing slowly from the swirling dust is... the famous Red Ryder himself! He looks sad and angry. || Red Ryder raises his Red Ryder Range Model Air Rifle (with compass in the stock) and fires! a ||
|| 08h || 054ah || A tumbleweed bounces past you. You hear the distant laughter of children. || Did you think you could kill Red Ryder? No way, bud! || Highpool Creek burbles past. It looks about two feet deep. || A tearful boy watches you from the nearby brush. ||
|| 09h || 05eah || Do you want to talk? || Yes No || Y N || Entering the shop. ||
|| 0ah || 0615h || The young boy sobs out "Rex!", then runs away. || BOBBY S DOG || What do you want to ask him about? || REX ||
|| 0bh || 0661h || DOG || JACKIE || CAVE || BUSH ||
|| 0ch || 067ah || "Don t kill my dog Rex, okay? Please?!" || "I told Jackie to keep clear of the cave!" || "The cave is over behind the bushes but we aren t supposed to go there." || The kid fidgets and then shrugs, "I dunno." na ||
|| 0dh || 0707h || "Honest, Rex didn t mean to get sick. I just hid him till he got better." || BUSHES || "I hid Rex in the cave where he can get better. Don t hurt him, okay?" || "Jackie went into the cave yesterday. I haven t seen her since." ||
|| 0eh || 07a2h || "The cave is between the pool and the west cliff wall, kinda between those two trees." || You find a deep hole to a dark cave. A short strand of frayed rope, about 3 inches long, dangles from a tree limb. || You tie your rope to the tree limb and climb down into the darkness. || Even here the cave is very dark. The floor is rocky. || k ||
|| 0fh || 0876h || You see a snapped rope, the way the children got in and out. || You hear a growl like metal ripping. A huge dog lunges from a dark corner, jaws foaming. || On a pile of fresh earth is a wood plank with words, "My dog Rex, gunned down by vigilante Rangers." || A youth you recognize stands up. "You killed my dog, you dirty Rangers!" e ||
|| 10h || 094eh || Rocks and boulders make it difficult to pass. || You wriggle past. || You fall and slip back with skinned knees. || Rocks and boulders make it very hard to pass here. ||
|| 11h || 09b8h || The roof fell here once. You can barely move about. You note a broken human bone. || What luck! Bad luck for the dude who died here but your good luck to find his stuff. || This is a wall. || The rocks are slick and mossy. Do not swim here. ||
|| 12h || 0a54h || The youngsters who live here are supposed to keep the doors locked, but they forget. || This is a dorm for young children. There is nothing here to interest a Ranger. || This is a dorm for teens. Nothing much of interest here. || You check the small shelf behind the desk. || r ||
|| 13h || 0b04h || The fields near you are watered by a canal that gets its water from the creek. || South of you are two-story adobe buildings that resemble dorms. || The door resists your efforts. || A note tacked to the wall says: -- cave -- adults: raid outlaws -- Jackie -- Bobby s dog? -- fix water purifier || ||
|| 14h || 0bcbh || The entry is cool. A store counter is nearby and the room beyond looks like a gaming hall. || A name is painted on the door, "Mr. Jumbo." The door is locked. || The door is open. || A poker player says, "He s out but you can use the key beside the door." ||
|| 15h || 0c71h || "Hey, whaddya think you re doing to the door!" yell the angry juvies. || The youths are enraged by your un-guest-like actions. || You see a bed to the west and a cluttered desk to the east. || On the wall are faded photos of kids. T-shirts say "Camp Highpool." s ||
|| 16h || 0d1ch || A dry bed where once was water, now only an occasional beetle runs past. || A hot wind blows across empty desert sand. || A dilapidated building. Sunlight streams through the roof beams. || This bedroom looks like a scumpit. || ||
|| 17h || 0dach || Your curiosity is rewarded! || In the bottom dresser drawer is a piece of jewelry and some cash. || Under a loose board beneath the bed you find quite a cache! || This is a cluttered desk. ||
|| 18h || 0e27h || You see nothing special. || This looks like a workshop. Old machinery is nearby, and there s a cot in the back. || Old machine parts lie on the floor, surrounded by a scatter of tools. || This big contraption is a patchwork machine. You recognize a pump. Lime-crusted pipes go under the floor. || ||
|| 19h || 0ee5h || You deduce that this is a water purification device. It looks broken. || The gaping hole beside the pumps leads you to think it could be fixed with a new engine. || The engine slides into place and you start the device running! || The sound of the engine starting up brings a pack of youngsters to the doorway. ||
|| 1ah || 0fach || "Thank you very much for fixing the water purifier!" They cheer loudly, praising you all. || The cheers quiet. "We d give you more but you seem to have already rewarded yourself. Please accept this token reward." || "We wanted to fix it for a long time! Please accept our deep and sincere thanks!" || This contraption is a patchwork water purifier with a new engine that is running merrily. ||
|| 1bh || 10aah || A dry lake bed descends into the limestone. || You see several handwritten notes on the desk. || One note is cash accounts with the Rail Nomads. Another outlines sneak-attack plans against desert marauders. || This last note seems odd since it clearly assumes only two attackers against many. ||
|| 1ch || 1166h || One note is a reminder to put a trapdoor over the cave across the creek. Another is about hydrophobia. || Welcome to the shop. || Welcome to the infirmary. || Your rope is tied to the tree. Want to slide down into the cave? Yes No " ||
|| 1dh || 1201h || "Please help me get out of here." || "Thank you for rescuing me." || attacks shoots || k ||
|| 1eh || 1239h || triggers a burst || Waves of energy flash from || rips a clip || throws a deadly charge ||
|| 1fh || 1273h || launches a shell || hits || for || nails ||
|| 20h || 1290h || is are filled full of lead taking || melts into || shreds through || ||
|| 21h || 12c0h || inflames || but fail s to inflict any damage || drills || blazes away at ||
|| 22h || 12f0h || sprays || triggers a burst at || fries || toasts r ||
|| 23h || 130fh || and hits for || hammer s || brutally pummel s || claws ||
|| 24h || 1334h || thrashes || pounces on || whomps on || and peppers him her it ||